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Endro Catur Nugroho ST, M.Si., CPF (IAF)
Founder, Principal Consultant dan Lead Facilitator, di Sekolah Fasilitasi
Professional Facilitator

Leading and managing Sekolah Fasilitasi, a community-based organization of multidisciplinary professionals in organization development, human resources, learning and development, project management, program management, and content development to help Indonesian, Asian and global organisations reaping the benefits, impact and value of facilitation.

Ten years of project management experience. Ten years of professional facilitation and group process experience focusing on organization development and organizational change.

Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) by the International Association of Facilitators ( Certified Human Resources (CHRP) by Universitas Atmajaya.

Current mission: seeing Indonesian and Asian facilitators helping organisations delivering impacts through the values of facilitation.

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Endro Catur Nugroho sebagai fasilitator
  • Memfasilitasi sejak 2010 dengan 27 kali pengalaman memfasilitasi
  • Terakhir memfasilitasi 14 Jan 2022
  • Paling sering memfasilitasi Lokakarya (17 kali) dalam lingkup Proyek (16 kali), di area Forum Multipihak (11 kali), sektor Non Profit (10 kali), industri Lain-lain (8 kali), bidang Social Development (5 kali),
  • Endro Catur tertarik bermitra dengan Anda dalam memfasilitasi Lokakarya, Pertemuan dan Pendampingan di sektor Usaha Sosial, Non Profit dan Profit di industri Consulting, Education dan Technology di bidang Organization Development dan Knowledge Management
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Kompetensi Penguasaan
A Menciptakan hubungan kolaboratif dengan klien fasilitasi
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
B Merancang proses kelompok yang efektif
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
C Menciptakan dan memelihara suasana partisipatif
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
D Membimbing kelompok mencapai hasil yang sesuai dan berguna
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
E Mengembangkan dan mengelola pengetahuan profesional
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
F Menunjukkan sikap profesional
Memahami, mempraktikkan dan berpengalaman profesional
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Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Online 09 Desember 2021 - 14 Januari 2022

User churn alias pengguna yang batal menggunakan fitur atau keseluruhan layanan menjadi momok bagi bisnis terutama apps.

Sebuah marketplace ternama di Indonesia, menghubungkan pengguna jasa layan antar dan mitra pengantar, mengalami user churn yang signifikan. Fasilitasi ini diselenggarakan untuk mengidentifikasi, mengkaji dan menyepakati solusi atas masalah user churn ini. Uniknya, walau yang bertanggungjawab adalah tim Produk, pendekatan ekonomi perilaku mengajak dan memampukan berbagai tim terkait untuk melihat fenomena ini lebih holistik, terutama mencari tahu jawaban atas "Kenapa pengguna berperilaku seperti itu?"

Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Bali 06 Mei 2021

Covid-19 has left holes in many walks of life. One of the sectors that were severlely hit by this pandemi was tourism. In Indonesia, Bali notably faced the worst.

In betwwen my annual break, I was asked by a friend, a human resource manager of a boutique hotel in Ubud area, to facilitate a dialogue for his newly-terminated team members.

Termination process was never easy, but this pro-bono client mentioned that it was a relatively smooth and straightforward process with full of acceptance among the workers. However, he also felt that the company need to care about staffs' life post termination.

This dialogue was organized as an easy sharing session among ex-staffs, to identify ways the hotel can still help their ex members to move on with their life.

Strategically, my client wanted to ensure that ex-staffs will return, once the condition is improving, to the hotel as investment on staffs' development has been significant.

Although it was a rather smooth three-hours dialogue, set in a poolside restaurant, there were many insights that even my client never realised after working with these stafss for two to fifteen years.

Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Manado 26 - 29 Mar 2021

Politeknik Manado is one of the local higher education institution that partner with the ILO in Skills for Prosperity (S4P) project. The project aimed to ensure that graduates are more job-ready and gaps between schools to work is minimized. One of the key achievements of the Politeknik Manado project team was to establish a new study on International Tourism Management. This study was the first in Indonesia.

Therefore, although most of the project teams - academicians and managers in Politeknik Manado - were experienced in developing new study, 'business as usual' was considered insufficient as they were all inexperienced in this particular study area and level. However, the norms, behaviors and processes within the first year (out of three years) project duration was considered insufficient for team to meet project plan.

Some key project milestones were unmet. Cases on unmet quality of delivered activities were found. Plus, poor daily project management processes hindered achievement of milestones and activities.

    I led a team of facilitators, project managers and executive coach to help Politeknik Manado. Caching was considered important as, based on team survey and interview with the team leaders, the culture emphasized leadership as key, especially to move the needle in strategic decisions; including the outputs of this intervention.

    From the sessions - including the executive coaching sessions - it was found out that although the team felt their gratitude to managing this project, it was nevertheless a challenge for most of the members who have never experienced such level of complexity. The motivation to perform their best in front of their partners - especially at international level - was considered not suffiicient and left a performance challenge gap to fill.

    These sessions were in no ways filling the gaps, but helping them to re-establish their team: the processes, norms and, most importantly, behaviors.

    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Online 08 - 10 Feb 2021

    An international project team was having a difficulty on managing several team culture issues

    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Jakarta 21 - 23 Dec 2020

    Direktorat Jenderal Pembinaan Penempatan Tenaga Kerja dan Perluasan Kesempatan Kerja (Ditjen Binapenta & PKK) viewed employment office staffs in Indonesian local government are forefront in helping improving skills and reducing unemployment.

    However, the capacity building opportunity for these staffs are limited to documents guide that are less practical.

    The ILO responded this gap by co-developing an action-oriented training package that will help learners - local empployment staffs - to learn by practicing the necessary skills, i.e. identifying employment needs, skills gaps, and potential jobs and employers.

    Our challenge was not only to help Binapenta and PKK staffs to co-develop the training package but also to own and manage the training program in the future.

    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Bogor 09 - 10 Dec 2020 partnered with me to facilitate a two days workshop for participants to turn their idea into business by replicating from successful ones. Challenge for the two batches (each focusing waste management, water management, and agriculture) was obvious: to balance triple bottom line in their business model. Another challenge was to see replication as helping - and not to build - business. Therefore, we used a lot of peer reviews, group discussions and simulations. While the output was to see each participants developed their replication proposal, the actual outcome was to see how each evolved from idea owners into future business owners.
    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Labuan Bajo 09 Desember 2020
    Following the first Forum Floratama in October 2020, Badan Otoritas Pelaksana (BOP) Flores, Alor, Lembata and Bima (Floratama) initiated technical discussion on sustainable investment. The challenge was to allow local stakeholders to view investment as collective effort and local actions. Therefore, the first discussion was focused on Manggarai Barat as the pilot in such systemic intervention while other local governments in the area looked up in hope of following Manggarai Barat. The hybrid discussion was running as an intimate, technical yet collaborative effort aiming to agree on what each stakeholder needs to do on tourism investment in the area. The result was an agreement on what each local stakeholders in Manggarai Barat would do to boost investment in the area.
    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Online 10 Oktober 2020 - 31 Januari 2021
    Supernova Ecosystem is an exciting enterprise positioning themselves as a catalyst and enabler for sustainable commodities development in Indonesia. The fundamental challenge was, while catalyst and enablers are always welcome and already exist in many ways, Supernova wanted to become one that catalyze the catalyst and enable the enablers. Therefore finding - or choosing - appropriate business models and organization models was key. My role was to assist Supernova in engaging with their stakeholders and finding the niche that would help them to position themselves strategically in the ecosystem. This project is one key example how facilitation can deliver long-term strategic role to organisations.
    Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
    Jakarta 01 - 30 Apr 2019

    Sebagai dua dari destinasi wisata baru yang termasuk dalam program pemerintah "10 Destinasi Bali Baru", pengembangan wisata di Danau Toba dan Lombok perlu menjawab harapan dan masalah serta memanfaatkan kelebihan dan menjawab kekurangan berbagai pemangku kepentingan di kedua daerah.

    Kementerian Koordinator Maritim beserta ILO pun memiliki agenda yang perlu dijawab oleh pengembangan wisata ini, yaitu penciptaan lapangan kerja. Dengan berbagai ekspektasi ini, sebuah tim lintas sektor mengembangkan sebuah rancangan proyek sustainable tourism.

    Sebagai Process Designer | Belum tervalidasi
    Jakarta 15 - 14 Jul 2011

    The annual IYCE Award by the British Council always came with different approach of an entrepreneurship competition.

    For its three-days final judging period, the eighteen finalists were joining several knowledge-sharing (seminars, workshops, meetings and networking) sessions as well as exposed to media and public.

    Unlike previous years, IYCE 2011 final judging period was aimed to establish stronger networks amongst the finalists while the organizer seeks the winner to represent Indonesia in the UK.

    Certified Organization Development Associate
    Transforma, IHRI dan OneCHRP
    1 Feb 2022 -
    Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)
    Universitas Katolik Atmajaya
    2 Nov 2018 - sekarang
    Master or Applied Psychology - Human Capital and Knowledge Management
    Unuversitas Indonesia
    30 Oct 2014 -
    Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF)
    International Association of Facilitators
    30 Nov -0001 -
    Second Indonesian CPF

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