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Lidia Rusvita S.Pd., MSi., ACC
Process Facilitator Consultant, di GET (Grow and Enchance Together)
Facilitator and OD Consultant with human focused around change management. Facilitating people on the transition to change and opportunity to grow as individuals, groups and teams.

Facilitator and OD consultant of over 10 years leading dialogues that cultivate learnings and changes in individuals, groups and teams. Facilitating focused group to do needs assessment that leads towards change management, doing strategic planning and action planning. Helping leader to fill the gaps on how people experience the change intended achievable and sustainable.

Apakah Lidia fasilitator yang sesuai kebutuhan Anda?

Lidia Rusvita sebagai fasilitator
  • Memfasilitasi sejak 2018 dengan 5 kali pengalaman memfasilitasi
  • Terakhir memfasilitasi 1 Feb 2022
  • Paling sering memfasilitasi Pendampingan (3 kali) dalam lingkup Program (2 kali), di area Pengembangan Organisasi (2 kali), sektor Non Profit (3 kali), industri Others (3 kali), bidang Manajemen Perubahan (3 kali),
  • Lidia tertarik bermitra dengan Anda dalam memfasilitasi Pelatihan, Pendampingan dan Lokakarya di sektor Non Profit, Non Profit dan Pemerintahan dan Layanan Publik di industri Education, Tourism dan Public sector di bidang Manajemen Pendidikan dan Manajemen Perubahan
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Sebagai Co-Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Yogyakarta 30 Jan - 01 Feb 2022

Our Client NGO which focuses on forest and land management aspired to change from a Donor-based organization to an offer-based organization (product, service, or expertise).  The need to evolve and transition the Organization's operation requires purposeful strategic planning. 

Formulating a successful organizational strategy is a skill that has the potential to propel the organization forward. Hence this strategic planning is to provide a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals towards;

1.     Visioning itself at 2030 “Leading collaboration in sustainable natural resource management through the education of a resilient generation who cares about the environment”  and  

2.    Achieve 2025 Goal :

a.    Validation  of the prototype of higher education institutions that accommodates experts in the environmental and economic fields without damaging the environment and

b.    Realization of the commitment of the central and regional governments to protect 9.4 million hectares of natural forests as stated in the national and regional development planning documents for 2025.

Involving all people in the organization is key to ensuring all are focused and aligned. 

Sebagai All round Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Online 04 Agustus 2020

Prodi Perbankan Syariah berkolaborasi dengan Pranata Lab Pendidikan Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Islam Negri (UIN) Jakarta  menyelengarakan sesi virtual bagi para Dosin di tengah masa pandemi yang cukup mempengaruhi motivasi belajar mengajar bersama mahasiswa.
Tidak jarang di banyak organisasi, begitupun yang dialami para dosen di UIN  FEB perbedaan generasi antara dosen dan mahasiswa bisa seringkali mengakibatkan komunikasi yang tidakefektif, dan manajemen kelas yang monoton.

Sebagai Lead Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Online 18 Mei - 05 Jun 2020

Covid 19 has undoubtedly hit various human activities in interacting one to another. It is certainly impacting how stakeholder in organization and buniness as well to meet and  make decision on various issues. 

This is very challengin as well for Labor Union in Network Palm Oil to meet and  work with their stakeholder. Internal Labor Organisation as its partner sees the same important to adapt to this change, and support in transitioning the  physical meeting into  virtual  onces for coordination, dialogue, campaing etc..  

Hence it is essetial to improve understanding and technical capacity on managing Online platform. It is indeed will provide good possibilities to continue builidng relations as well continue carries day to day activities internally as well with all external  (multi) stakeholders.

As Lead Facilitator,  I managed a frist time training session during Pandemic toghther with new set up of Co-Facilitatiors who are also adapting to the change - coordinating virtually form different places. 

We, together with the participants-coming form different remote places/plantation-  were enthusiastically complete the training.
Despite some obstacles we faced along the way. Participants got a log of insights on learning, not only understand how to demonstrate behaviour of participatory but also facilitate the virtual/onlise session and being professional partner to their multistakeholder. 

Participants show positive energy after the class completed. One of the participants felt happy that the traning Enable participants to support the sustainability of the organization in carrying out / realizing the Union Organisation plan. 

Sebagai Co-Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Online 29 Apr - 03 Aug 2020

The ILO embarked on a project on “Advancing Workers’ Rights in Indonesia’s Palm Oil Sector” in September 2019. The project’s objective is to ensure unions in the sectors/sub-sectors of the palm oil supply chain are better equipped to effectively represent and advocate for their members, promoting their access to fundamental workers’ rights, in particular freedom of association and collective bargaining, and contributing to sound industrial relations.

The project will, therefore, help to improve workers’ access to labour rights – and, correspondingly, to better-quality jobs, contributing to improved compliance, through strengthened capacity of enterprises to implement core international labour standards and national labour laws, and to expanded rule of law at both national and local levels.

It will do so by inter alia facilitating social dialogue at the national and provincial/local levels; strengthening the capacity of labour unions to effectively engage in dialogue with the employers and government and advocate for their members; supporting the strengthening and enforcement of national legislation on labour issues and collecting and disseminating knowledge on employment and labour issues in the palm oil supply chain. In addition to plantations, the project will be targeting crude palm oil (CPO) factories, oleo chemical factories, as well as selected food and beverage industry actors that use palm oil as one of the main ingredients.

Sebagai Co-Facilitator | Belum tervalidasi
Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya 09 - 29 Sep 2019

 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET/BLK) plays pivotal role in the process of developing the skills of worker meeting the demand of the main industry and proving education that is marketable and economically relevant to society. Certain technical skills and expertise ready to assume the responsibility from operational staff to supervisory role in a corporation or entrepreneurial environment serves by Technical Education i.e. post -secondary study courses and practical training. Whereas the skilled and semi-skilled in various vocations are prepared by Vocational Training i.e. low level education and training.

Youth labor force is large in Indonesia, however fundamental support of access to continuous learning and vocational resources and develop their entrepreneurial talent is insufficient.
Youth unemployment and lack of economic opportunities for young people are sometime linked and or prone to radicalization, violent extremism, and terrorist recruitment.

Youth in all countries should be considered an asset and assisted by investing in key platforms that can help young people reach their potential and protect them from being targets of violent extremism.
Capacity building for BLK Managers aims to bridge the gap between the technical training system and industry needs through, among other things, capacity building and strengthening of selected groups of BLK institutions. 

As Co-Facilitator, facilitating session on Action Planning of how BLK participating in the Workshop build their action imbedding their knowledge on radicalization with extremism into their imperative plan i.e. leadership, management, curriculum improvement, industrial linkages and entrepreneurship required full focus on how everyone's voice are heard and strive for everyone to reach consensus on the outcome. 
All the participants left the workshop with take aways  of specific implementable plan on building their BLKs which adaptive, resilient, tolerant and inclusive. 

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